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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Introducing this blog: a scribble notebook of tips, tricks & hacks; art or even recipes that come in handy

My small beginnings..

I was always an indoors person and my childhood revolved around art, craft and food - knitting with my grandmother, being mom’s sous chef, perusing through art magazines or cookbooks, and sitting for hours doing my school craft work.Clearly, food and design were the only fields I was, and still am, truly ever interested in

Food: Even as a skinny anaemic child, I loved exploring food, discovering new ingredients, and experimenting with different cuisines. I would go through all of mum’s cook books and magazines (most of which were European) to look for something new to make. I needed to figure out whether we could find ingredients for it all. I inevitably had to substitute many ingredients as things like parsley, sherry, or parmesan were neither seen, heard nor found at the time in my little hometown of Shillong. Watching the Masterchef series helped in a big way as I learnt culinary techniques watching the great chefs. My love for food kept pushing me to enter the food industry and took me to two National reality TV food shows - Femme Foodies & Masterchef India - and my very own label of #tribalgourmet ; an entrepreneurial venture that showcases the diversity of the cuisine of North East India by adding a gourmet twist to local dishes.

Design : My love for all things creative came from my mother who supported me in pursuing it after high school. Though design school was short lived I found new ways to keep my passion alive constantly reshaping it to fit my spontaneity of trying out new things. I took it with me in to media management, public relations, accessories and also into food & cakes!

It is a tree with many branches that I would love to continue growing

Jack of all trades

My mom has often been called a walking encyclopedia for her vast knowledge and helpful nature and I feel like I have inherited that title because all my friends or associates always ask me how to, what to, where to do anything; hence the name Multipod

Societal norms required or persuaded you to pick a path and stick with it. Many a times I would feel confused and doubt myself - why can I not choose just one path ? how do I pick one stream? Only much recently did I realise there are many people out there like me who are good at lots of things and balance spinning their plateful just fine, so why can't I ?

I made up my mind to give all my traits and ideas a go - I mean why not? So if you go through my website, you will see that I have and am still working on multiple things I think I can pull off and with this blog I hope to leave helpful tips or house hacks that can come in handy to you. Maybe a recipe or two.

I write from my heart, in conversation with you, dear reader hoping it will lead to a community of people who share with each other.

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