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What is

Tribal Gourmet?

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An amalgamation of two words and two concepts Tribal - traditional Northeast Indian food being married with Gourmet ideas and techniques to elevate and make Northeastern food approachable to people across the country and the world. The brand name came about during my first cooking competition Femme Foodies where I first showcased my twists on Meghalayan classics earning me the title. After having lived outside of the Northeast for many years I realised it was an undiscovered territory that most people were unaware of and hence started my journey to start conversation about our rich food, culture, traditions and all that we have to offer. Tribal Gourmet is a Pop Up model where I serve traditional as well as my artistic takes on the regional classics and offer flexibility in my menu styles depending on my host venue. When serving gourmet set menu's I make sure to convey the authentic flavour and soul of the dish only playing with its form. This page is a snapshot of the journey of Tribal Gourmet since our initiation in 2017.

TV Shows

Femme Foodies (2017)

Masterchef India S6 (2019)

Pop Up's

Home Delivery



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